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          There are 22 members that make up the Hopatcong Police Department. To see a list of all officers go to the contact page. The members of the Hopatcong Police Department offer the following to help serve the community:                  


       Child Safety Seat Technicians:  We have two certified child seat technician who have received 40 hours of training in child seat installation.  This is a free service and is highly recommended to all parents who have children under 8 years old or 80 pounds.  We see over 90% of child seats installed incorrectly.  Could yours be one of them? Contact  Officer Janosko at (973) 398-5000 ext 251,  or Officer Cirri at extension 261

     Fingerprint and DNA sample for children: Just call (973) 398-5000 ext 251 and you can obtain a fingerprint kit and DNA sample kit for your children.  We do not collect the kits. You hold onto the kits in case your child is ever missing. 

      Neighborhood Watch:  If you would like to learn about forming a neighborhood watch contact Officer Janosko at (973) 398-5000 ext 251.  A PowerPoint presentation will be given to educate the public on crime trends, detection of suspicious activity, and how to start  a Neighborhood Watch on their block.

    CERT: Citizen Emergency Response Team.  We are asking for residents to join the Hopatcong CERT team.  What CERT members do is respond to an area where they are needed at the request of the police department during emergencies.  Such as: a missing person in the woods, a natural disaster like a power outage, a terrorist attack, light search and rescue, and assessing victims of a disaster.  You must be at least 18 year old and attend 5-6 classes given by trained instructors. Please call (973) 398-5000 ext 251 if you are willing to help your community and become a CERT member.

     DARE: Drug Abuse Resistance Education-  Due to budget restraints this program no longer exists.

    SAFETY LESSONS- Our Officers talk to students in all grades up to 5th about spring, fall, winter and summer safety.  We go to their classrooms and interact with the children on these correct safety measures during the different times of the year. This also creates a positive relationship between the police officers and the students.  During the summer officers attend safety town at Hudson Maxim school.  There we teach children the rules of the road and how to be safe.