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Child Safety Seats



Child Safety Seat


A child Safety Seat or "Car Seat" is a device used to properly secure your child when riding in a car.  If installed incorrectly or used improperly your child may be at risk in the event of a car accident.  What can you do about it?  Read the instruction manual for your car seat.  This explains how to properly install and use your car seat.  Look over the owner’s manual for your car.  This will show you where to install the car seat and how to utilize the seat belt or latch system to secure the car seat.  This sounds good on paper but in the real world, the instructions are usually hard to understand.  You are asking yourself what now?  


The Hopatcong police department has two officers that are certified in the proper installation of child safety seats. They can assist you in properly installing your car seat. Officer Cirri can be reached at (973)-398-5000 ext. 261. Officer Janosko at extension 251.  Leave a message and any of them will return your inquiry as soon as they can.  If you have any questions or concerns about your car seat or if you just want to see if you installed it correctly please call.  “Your child’s safety may depend upon it.” 


Check out the following web sites which have useful information regarding child safety seats.